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 NZFW/ 25-31 August, 2014 from Liisa Toomus on Vimeo.
A short video compiling one week of working as a photographer at New Zealand Fashion Week.

 Japan by Liisa Toomus on Vimeo– 2014
As my cravings for sushi lessened, my love for Japan grew. Here’s six months I wish to never forget, compiled into 5 minutes.

 India by Liisa Toomus on Vimeo– 2013
As India made a print on my soul, it made a appearance in my lens. Three point five months, compiled into 5 minutes.

 New York City by Liisa Toomus on Vimeo.
As I had the good fortune to visit New York twice that year, once turning seventeen, once staying exploring the video functions of my brand new 6D, the result is to be found here- compiled into 90 seconds.– 2013

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