My Manifesto

            My Manifesto is a Manifesto written for one of my classes. As an attempt to wash away the ‘negative’ connotations given to the art of manifestos it was suggested that we, the students of the class, should write our own ones. Hopefully the manifesto written by a 17 year old Toomus will live up to those expectations.

The Manifesto of a 17 year old Toomus.
With a head held high I want to walk on all of the different continents with a camera in my hand. I want to laugh out loud like every joke was a one hour-long comedy show and I want to stay in on a rainy Thursday.
            I want to celebrate everyday as much as an 18-year old does on their 18th birthday. I want to make a living of what makes me happy, but most of all I want to wake up happy. I want to eat breakfast like a overfeed foreign king every morning, and enjoy every black and white cm² of the newspapers.
            I want to raise my voice loud to the soothing rhythms of democracy.
I want to be able to one day cross of all of my university loans and I want to forget all about algebra. I want to learn at least one other language, and I want to never shrink the craving of understanding new cultures.
            I want a reward for all those nights with too little sleep.
I will no more feel a pain in my chest, and I will be able to say: “sometimes letdowns are okay”. I will dress like everyday is a special occasion, and I will say that there is no such thing as “over dressing”.
            I will find a cute boy and fall deeply in love one day.
I will let my ash fly over the sea, and I will have turned all the “I wants” into “I did“.

 Liisa Toomus,
19th of Sep