How To Predict A Future Friend

Whilst applying for a summer program in New York I was faced with a 800 word limit and the question “Describe a friend you think you will make during the program“. After many considerations and sincere attempts to limit my mixed friend circle into at least a few traits in common I recalled something one of my favourite teachers ended his “farewell” speech with, and that surely must apply to all of  my future friends. This piece of writing is what I ended up with, and that luckily got me in to my program.

Predicting Future Friends
One trait that all of my current friends have in common is that each one is capable of making life feel raw and precious.
I find myself continuously being greedily happy along with friends, especially in moments such as when we stay up and talk until late at night, and suddenly I find myself listening to an unexpected comment about drug cartels attacking local malls in Mexico. By strolling around in Japan, without functioning phones and every single character and street corner mixed up with each other, I have come to recognize that one of the most amazing positions is to have a friend with you who eagerly debates how ‘bombs appear to be raining more often than real rain in Palestine.’ Despite the mixed life experiences of my friends, they tend to brighten up my day time to time by asking me if I want to go out and grab a coffee down the street, or by knocking on my door to share some chocolate and hand out a hug or two.
            Classifying the type of friend I would want in the future seems unnatural, as I havelearned that it is easy to make unfair assumptions based on initial impressions. My friend circle is currently a vast mix of different personalities and ethnicities, from various types of homes which are spread out all over the planet. When growing up, even up to a few years ago, there would have been no way of foreseeing what incredible people that would be around in my every day life. There are plentiful of examples, one for an instance is my current roommate. We tend to stay up late discussing many things, such as the corruption in her hometown Chihuahua, Mexico. Another example of an interesting characters that has entered my life is my Russian classmate, whom I always compete with about whose hometown really is the coldest. My friend from New Zealand whom always shares hot tea or cocoa with me right before bedtime, and my Korean/Californian friend, who enjoys equally much as me to occasionally exchange books and opinions about North Korea, are also two people I really adore and look up to. These are all real life examples of individuals that make me truly happy. I would never have been able to predict meeting them or even becoming such close friends. The point is that it is really difficult to narrow down essential unifying qualities and predict such absurd things as which acquaintances will turn into friends.
         There are a few characteristics that I want all of my friends to have, regardless of whether or not we meet at a Summer Camp in NYC or down the street in my hometown. I simply just want all of my friends to have that one spark in their eyes, and a face you can tell will be filled with wrinkles of too much smiling (if there is such a thing as smiling “too much”), and a mouth that will spill wise comments once in a while.
         Most importantly I would want to be around a character whom recognizes that by the end of the program the goodbyes will not equal farewells, simply chances of saying “Hello” again.