Academic Work

This page contains texts that I personally have written. Some of these were specially made for unique projects in school, whilst others were simply created for fun. This section is meant to serve as a small window into what I produce, who I am, what I believe and what have to say.

            The Love Letter Project started off when I wrote a long, descriptive, love letter to the City of New York after leaving it and my family’s guest room in sleepy hollow. This project continued when I was doing the same thing for India, and now and then when I miss a city that I have lived in or that I love I end up writing even more “love letters” in order to perceive my memories.

Love Letters To Boston” is a work in the form of a letter and a tribute that I sincerely hope can reflect at least one unce of all the love I feel towards the time I lived in Boston and the great loss of chowdas.
This was written in August 2013.

            Love Letters To India” is a work in the form of a letter and a tribute that I wrote when I got a bit too sentimental about leaving India after living and breathing Indian air for four months.
This was written in November 2013.

            Love Letters To New York City” is a work in the form of a letter and a tribute to the city of New York, which I never really loved and cherished until I left the city for the second time.
This was written in June 2013.


            Defining Home” is a work in the form of a travel story that was created in New Media class, hosted by No Madder Where. The outcome is a reflection of why I chose to constantly travel, and how a wise person once said something that changed my perception of where home is.
This was written in January 2014.

            Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up? is merely a reflection upon a casually aimed question from my English teacher while waiting for the train in Osaka, Japan. While many people end up choosing to stay where they grew up, or explore new areas, I have come to find the perfect compromise of doing neither.
This was written in February 2014.

            My Manifesto is a Manifesto written for one of my classes. As an attempt to wash away the ‘negative’ connotations given to the art of manifestos it was suggested that we, the students of the class, should write our own ones. Hopefully the manifesto written by a 17 year old Toomus will live up to those expectations.
This was written in September 2013.

            The Art of Learning How To Be Just One is a piece of writing created for one of my New Media classes that my teacher encourage me to share. It is based off a Elisabeth Hardwick quote claiming that when you travel you discover that you do not exist,  however, I remade it into one of my own realizations; “learning how to be just one” and how this happened.
This was written in February 2014.