What Márquez does to words is what I hope to do to pictures


While I strive to include as few iPhone photos as humanly possible in this blog, sometimes it is simply too hard; especially considering the beauty of Greece, and my slack of bringing my camera with me anywhere lately.

However, a big stepping stone in my life has been reached; my academic path in High School has come to an end. Gruesome IB exams has marked the end of a vivid chapter in my life, while hopefully opened up yet another door for me to enter (university).


I turned 19

Athens, Greece– I turned 19 years old the last week.

Turning this old was a strange occurrence. It strange, because I still look identical to when I was fourteen, and that it doesn’t feel like too long since I skimped out on classes in ninth grade to instead attend concerts with my friends. It’s strange, because I never anticipated being here, right now, in Greece and write this. Similarly, it was strange, because most of my time was filled with revision for my final exam in math the following day.

But, here we are, ten days later. I’ve slowly started to accept my new faith as a 19 year old; wish me good luck on all me endeavours!

Greece 2015 (thus far)


Hi guys,

Thus far, I have lived in Greece for two weeks. Beautiful sites of famous spots such as the Acropolis and many mosques and churches are found throughout the city, along with really hipster coffee shops serving Greek coffee all day long. I have many amazing shoots on my camera waiting to be uploaded, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s a small recap from my instagram that you can find here.


I’m not the same

11081112_10204141543767135_6480815939624159829_nMe in front of a door in Tallinn, Estonia, two weeks ago.

I love looking back upon the past and pondering upon life and progress. This year, this has been something I have done more than ever before. Of course it increased a lot when I was 16 and moved abroad. I couldn’t stop thinking of what I had left behind, of what could have been, and so fourth.

Now, in my last year in high school –my senior year– I feel like looking back has been something I have enjoyed doing more than ever before. Because I fee as if for the first time in long, I see results from late nights and the stress of deadlines and fear of making friends. Now, when I see old photos of my self I notice that I am no longer the same and shy person. To realize this, and to feel the tangible growth, feels better than ever before.

Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia
While spring made its’ remark upon my return to Sweden, I wrongly estimated Estonia to be about the same. Therefore, I only have myself to blame for only bringing thin spring jackets to chilly winter winds.

Luckily, there’s hot take away coffee in every corner to keep my chilly hands warm! As well as to trigger my tired senior brain to keep revising for end of year exams in may. Wish me luck!