A list of things I’ve learnt during the last few years

During the last few years, I’ve grown more than ever. For some odd reason, I felt as it was start to share that knowledge with the world, so I made a list of the most important things I have discovered.

  1. Fall in love.

    If where you are living and what you are doing is not fully appreciated by you, such as people dressed differently and greeting you differently on the street, or the vibrantly red brick walls in that house you always pass on your way home, you’ll never be truly happy. Look out for the little things and allow yourself to fall in love, because soon they will be gone.


  2. Opening up to people is gold.

    With one of my close friends, Hannah Cho, in the rooftop of Bretagne Hotel in Athens.

    Not everyone is out to hurt you. You can laugh all you want with people, joke day and night, and spend countless hours, but unless they’ve seen the dark corners of your story and your life and still embrace you with warm hugs, your friendship might easily perish once it’s time to say goodbye. Learn how to trust people; trust me, its not that bad.

  3. Red scares the sh*t out of people.

    Wearing a red lipstick and red nail polish will make people act differently. Suddenly, your orders are processed faster, people listen more attentively, and your posture seems to become better for some strange reason. Red is good.

  4. Being scared is not good. It’s great!

    One of my close friends, Gawa Seldon, impressed me with all her bravery and courage when she, at the age of 18, learnt how to swim this summer.

    Unless you’re walking home alone at night, which typically is never good. I was scared when I was 16 years old and leaving mom and dad to move to Argentina. I was scared holding presentations in class and jumping into new work experiences home and abroad that I didn’t believe I was classified for, but it worked and I grew immensely from those experiences. Being scared is good, because that’s what triggers the most growth.

  5.  Dry shampoo.

    Because life is sometimes really hectic.


  6.  If people don’t make you happy, leave.

    A group of crazy talented and unique individuals I had to fortune to travel the world with.

    Life is too short for bad friendships and relationships. You should bring out the best in everyone around you, and they should do the same (through encouragement for your successes or brutally honestly pointing out what you did wrong over laughter and coffee).

  7.  Do it with passion or not at all.

    It is ok to spend all your time with friends or to attend once-in-a-lifetime events, even if that means you have to stay up until 3am finishing up work that is due the next day. You only live once, you’re only young briefly. Make sure you make the most of it.

  8.  Coffee.

  9. Do something to empty your mind.

    Running and editing photos with a merciless carless state regarding late hours is how I empty mine, and I cannot imagine having remained sane until now without doing so.

  10. Smile.

    A smile opens up the entire world in just a few seconds, or at least the initiation to either a good conversation or a minor rejection. Smile.

  11. Be stupid; make mistakes!

    Only by my late teens did I realize that it is ok to be stupid, to make decisions you know you are going to regret in the future but at the moment is the only right thing. Because, stupidity, too, enables growth.


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