Last three weeks in New Zealand

The past five days or so, I spent kayaking in a kayak full of “spreads and bread”, together with a Canadian. Five days where salt water changed hair texture, the sun changed skin pigment, and afternoon naps and cold nights changed my mindset. As the city girl I am, the first night of a ‘real’ bed and a shower was more than welcomed, even though I enjoyed constantly packing up and unpacking the shared tent with my one and only Mexican.

Then? Then what? We boarded the plane, hence the instagram post full of boarding passes, wherein I ended up sitting next to a pilot who was extending my to-read list of books. Landed Saturday night, and woke up Sunday morning with legs itching of mosquito bites and hands so tanned that I hardly recognized them. Stomach full of hunger, my Mexican and my newly arrived Korean land for breakfast, and pay a Argentinean guy more than $20 for scrambled eggs and catch up on life. One of my closest friends just gave out her first book, “Terminal”, and I am ever so proud and eager to read. Rest of my sunday I spent working off in the public library with free wifi, carrying home heavy grocery bags, and eating dinner out with my boarding school house ‘Northland’.

Although it’s unfortunately been weeks since I last touched my camera, I hope that this short update will keep you guys happy. (Especially my own Luigi bear back in England who keeps me on my toes in terms of staying sharp with blogposts! xo)


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