Summer reads/ no rest for the wicked

Gothenburg/ summer reading

Though summer still means busy schedules for me -jobs, essays, activities, social life, and etc- and there hardly is a minute over, I cannot help myself but make time for reading.

Love in the time of cholera“, by Marques (whom unfortunately recently passed away), is a book which I started to read past summer. Did not make it far since time constraints, but since it’s a read for my English class I’ll be sticking my nose in it for a second time, and giving it a go.

Winds of change“, by Reza Pahlavi, is also a book that I have been clutching on to for far too long. It’s a signed copy from when he came to speak to our class, and ever since I have been really eager to find out what else he has to say. With my unfortunate time constrain, I was slightly glad when I realized it’s quite a thin book, but nonetheless interesting.

If I was a guy I would be the most committed subscriber of CAFE. I found this magazine with some really interesting articles inside, and I am eager to read further. Though I speak many languages and travel vividly, Swedish ELLE has always remained my favourite. No matter the fact that I am abroad 10 out of 12 months per year, I demand there to be a constant subscription to this loveliness for me to catch up on once I am back.


Hope your summers are looking lovely so far!


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