All of my friends graduating

THINK Global School Graduation/ Seniors leaving
My adopted-kiwi parents (haha, my friend Bailey’s parents) view from their room.THINK Global School Graduation/ Seniors leavingHi guys,
This weekend a big moment, that many of my friends have been anticipating with much eagerness for about four years, took place. With mixed feelings I have been dreading the day the majority of my closest friends, with so many shared memories from all over the world, would walk out of my life. Last week was revision week to, for my own finals, mixed with sadness and anger for their departure. However, seeing them on stage with their beautiful kimonos on, and the many amazing movies and stories from the past four years made me being capable of feeling happiness and happiness only. I am so happy that I know so many amazing, strong, and courageous people that now are about to move on and enter yet another amazing chapter in their life.

This blogpost remains nearly empty of photos from this amazing day. Though I love photography I recognize that there are moments that you can’t hide behind bulky cameras or skinny iPhones. This was one of those nights.


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