“Native of nowhere”

Here are some photos of my favourite kiwi, our meal, and my latest profile picture.

It is absurd to think that springbreak is already over. By the time you are reading this me and the kiwi most likely are already up in the air. Next time I’m coming back for New Zealand will be towards the end of this year, for a three month stay in Auckland. By that time I will have traveled to around three other countries, and dozens of cities, which is an abstract thought considering I only will pack my bags for Auckland in the end of August- just merely a few months away.

One of my wisest friends coined an expression for herself, considering she grew up constantly traveling and the mere fact that her passport receives nearly equally as many stamps as mine does today. “Native of nowhere“. I guess that is what I am most identifiable with right now.

Love, & talk to you soon from Japan!


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