Hi guys!

As I am finishing up packing and are getting ready to explore the Pacific Ocean I would like to bring a very big and important date into focus; today is the 3rd anniversary of the on going conflict in Syria.

Tweeted by one of my favourite travel writers I found a really small but powerful hashtag named #withsyria that already has reached thousands of tweets. On their website www.withsyria.com are several powerful and extremely well done videos and info graphics that you can look at.

Will a tweet with a small hashtag save the world?
No, not yet, or it might not even make a big impact.
However, as a individual this is your chance to contribute towards making a statement and to ask the world to put an end to this awful conflict.

As someone who grew up with several classmates from warn torn countries and stories I find it extremely difficult to simply overlook big events like this. Hearing stories from the part of my family that grew up in the USSR they often tend to describe feeling isolated and forgotten by the rest of the world, and keeping that in mind this, along side of the interactive map on their website broadcasting people all over the world giving their support, must be the best way to say “Hi, the world does care“.
I only stumbled on this while browsing twitter, so perceive this as my good bye letter for now. The next time we speak I might be in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world.
Love Only,
Your Fellow Swede


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