Some come and go; some always remain constant.

Normally I find myself too shy of posting photos of my friends on my blog; do they want to be up here? Is it a photo good enough? What if we are not friends a year from now and to look back will feel like a cold bucket of water thrown over me?

However, in a folder in a folder in a folder, in a section of my computer along with homework dating back years ago and which I do not revise as much as I should I found this. I simply could not let this photo disepear somewhere in my obscure mess namned organization.

Last year when I started in my boarding school there were not many other new kids, for the exception of these two (okay, along with some others who are not represented in this post). I could write paragraphs about why I like these two characters precisely as much as I do, and this even though I haven’t seen one of them since June last year. While I have lost contact with some old friends at home I sincerely hope that I never will with these too. Because how many people meet each other under such drastic circumstances in Buenos Aires, spent days together on buses in Bhutan and rallied around in New York until our feet started bleeding?

I honestly cannot imagine myself feeling anything else than warm and happy years from now when looking back at this post and walking down memory lane. So cheers to you guys, my two friends with hearts of gold: Shamehoir and Chapis, and for all the memories we share in common.


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