Hi guys!

You might  know me very well as the frequent blogger that I am, and have gotten a bit worried to why my blogpost have started to stop showing. Well, I can assure you with one fact: I’m not dead or lost (yet)

The boarding school that we’re staying at have blocked (or it’s just not functioning..) bloodspot, so during our time there it looks like I won’t be able to blog more.

Right now we’re in North India, we’ve travelled through Bhopal and Delhi and Amritsar, and we’re all very happy. Here’s a short photo summary from this week!

Amritsar, IndiaAmritsar, India
1. Melissa in a temple 2. Our guide in Amritsar (The best) buying us dried fruit one evening. Amritsar, India
Two friendly Sihks on the street. Amritsar, IndiaAmritsar, IndiaAmritsar, India
Rooftop views over the Golden Temple during a holiday (with a tremendous light show!) Amritsar, India

Amritsar, India

North India trip- Taj MahalNorth India trip- Taj Mahal

1. & 2. Walking around in Amritsar, 3 & 4 The Taj Mahal (and a Mark)

North India trip- Taj Mahal
Cameron inside of Taj Mahal North India trip- Bhopal
Happy street kids in Bhopal saying hi.

In case the wifi would backfire during the last two days and in case blogspot will remain blocked in the Indian boarding school we are at, you could visit my flickr HERE since I try to keep it updated regularly. 


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