In India

Hi guys!

As you may have figured I’ve already arrived in India.

Right now I’m living in a well sized room, with what most people would describe as a rock hard bed, and the showers are freezing. My roommate won’t arrive until late September, so the noisy pigeons right outside of my window (30cm away from my bed and head), who enjoy waking me up around 5am will have to be my roommate company until then.

India is very much like I’d expected- the air is humid and mosquito filled, the people are friendly and have that special glow of passion and love in their eyes, well most of them. And the main dish here seems to be curry and rice- not that I don’t mind. Frankly I’m very suspicious of the “lack” of spice in our food, I’m very sure that the chefs have cut down on it with more than 50% for our unused western tummies and mouths, which I will have to admit is a very sweet act. Poor Indian kids who will have to put up with the “tasteless” Indian food for a while.

We visited a small village a not-to-long bus ride away from our residence. They had the expected and stereotypical cows marching the brown worn in mud-roads, and goats and bicycles on most rooftops. I hope it made people realized that our beds might not be that hard after all, and the showers are fine as they are. It makes our white school and sleeping buildings look like a palace (which I must admit does even without the comparison), and I grew a deeper understanding to why we have so much security to get in and out, even though it’s in the middle of nowhere in an typical Indian farmland.

Tomorrow I’ll start the IB program, and for once I must admit that I don’t mind being this isolated from the city. Now the only distraction is occasional, very loud, trains outside campus and a violent pigeon enemy outside of my window. I hope that it will be good for my grades and health, since studying and working out here seem to be the only options (except weekend trips, wich I look forward to a lot).
I’ve taken zero photos since I came here, since I was way too tired after crying in airports and almost missing my flights, and well, the damn jetlag as well. I’ll try to update when I get the chance, so maybe in a week or two- as said, there’s not much to see or do in our campus.

All the best,


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