hon skrev en lapp som sa hejdåTicket to the TajcontemplatingBoy Making a Dosa for Military Men, Varanasi India      *View Large*Nuzz ...!Pushkar FairThe Road to DelhiMen of the Ghats
Recognize the first photo? That was my “Good Bye” photo from almost a year ago! The rest of the photos in this post are NOT taken by me, but are from flickr. Just click to get to the source.

May month and Soho, New York. Heels & a Gatsby themed party. That’s where and how I found out that I’m going to India this fall, and I don’t think a summer could have sliped by my life much faster, nor that it could feel like NYC was so long ago with so many moments in between that and now. I had time to read two books taking place in India; Shantaram & The God Of Small Things. I can easily say that I am ready to face poverty, humidity, a caste based society and people with open arms and hearts and a country as strikingly beautiful as the sunset.

So tonight I’ll be just what I am used to, and just what I like to be: a nobody on a plane with a bag stuffed with only my most precious belongings – cameras and passports- in front of me, and somewhere else on the plane a modestly packed suitcase, sourcing over small diamond glimmering cities otowards a new adventure elsewhere.

I must admit that I’m barely ready for this; consider all the friends I didn’t have time to see this summer, all the clothes that were thrown into my suitcase in the very last minute, and the turning-the-car-around in the very last second as well probably, and of course my visum didn’t arrive on the mail just a few days before departing. But you know what it’s like, you can never really be ready, so I wouldn’t ever spend my time waiting to be ready. Give me some time to get ride of Jet Lag, saying hi to new classmates and school mates (hi host school), and the saying hi to a new city and the hi to a new country thing as well. Just give me a while, and I’ll be back on my feet rocking this blog and saying xoxo from India. And just give me a while to get adjusted back to school mode and the heavy homework bag.

Yours and truly,


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