Tagore and hammock talk

Tagore inspired
Hi There!
I haven’t been up to much lately. I woke up early this Monday morning from a dream where I was speaking German and and arguing with drog dealers. No idea where all of that came from.
 Been having stomach pains all day, probably just ate something bad. I’ve been hanging out on my new spot, the hammock, ever since work ended. It’s not that bad, after all. A blue sky and a setting sun. I’ve been trying to finish the book that I started reading during spring break, and I’ve made some progress.

I’ve also been browsing through some of Tagore‘s poems and work today. A pretty good way to get prepared for India, I’d say!
The quote above is from one of my, so far, favourite works by him, called “Clouds and Waves“.

Enough said about German drog dealers, poems and stomach pain. I’m just going to go back to catch up on Gossip Girl in my hammock and my blanket now.



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