gbg, ba ba ba

Gothenburg- summer breakGothenburg- summer breakGothenburg- summer break
This week I hung out at my friend’s place.
She’s the very cutish girl in this photo btw.Gothenburg- summer break
And I’ve known her since 8th grade. Here we are a few summers ago, getting water sprayed all over us by the post office while our photo was taken. In case you were wondering why we look like messed up muppets. Gothenburg- summer break
I also went to the cinema with my friends, and had a cocoa ball and some ice coffee before with them. We watched a Swedish movie namned “Känn ingen sorg” (which is the same song I made my “anchor” on the blog side after). I thought that it was a 3/5 or something, but most people in there, including my friends loved it and were crying their eyes out. Gothenburg- summer breakGothenburg- summer breakAfter a long long work day my family and I went to see some old friends of the family, and I looked like this. Gothenburg- summer breakGothenburg- summer break
And today I realized that we have a freaking hammock at home, so I made this my place for the evening, until the mosquitoes and the cold started biting me. I’m most definitely going to be spending my whole weekend in this thing (still got school work to do, ugh).

I’m so glad it’s weekend. I’m literarily exhausted.
Happy weekend folks!


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