Gothenburg- SunsetGothenburg- SunsetGothenburg- Sunset
My room sometimes has the best sunsets. Well, this one is from a few days ago. It’s just been raining for the past few days now.

Hi guys!
It’s really weird for me to think that exactly a week ago I was strolling around on the Brooklyn bridge and eating food in Little Italy.

To be honest I’m nothing else but tired now days. Getting out of bed is the biggest struggle, I usually set my alarm on nine or ten and go through my e-mails and snapchats and instagram and facebook updates, and just get tired by it and go back to sleep (wanting it or not). And then I literarily have to drag myself downstairs to the coffee machine.

I’m starting work tomorrow, for the first time ever. A bit too tired to be nervous, to be honest, but I think it’ll be fine. And besides, that actually gives me a reason to get out of bed. Even though it might be at 6am or earlier, haha.

That’s all for now, bye kiddos!


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