Back home! :)

Hi guys! Guess who’s home again? :) Gothenburg- Back home
When I got back yesterday my mom and dad had gotten me cake and roses, so sweet.Gothenburg- Back home
And so good! Gothenburg- Back home
When I was in New York in May I got my mom a gift from the UN house- a small necklace in the form of a bird and a pearl. All of the money goes to kids/children in need. Gothenburg- Back homeGothenburg- Back homeGothenburg- Back home
The final thing. Gothenburg- Back home
haha, I was unpacking at the same time. This must have been about 2/3rds of the books that I brought back. And random things in general (hellu pink Rhode Island flamingos).
Gothenburg- Back homeGothenburg- Back home
Woke up and found strawberries and cherries in the kitchen- yum.

Buuh. I’m so tired now. Yesterday I spent some time unpacking and cleaning up my room (such a mess, thought I had cleaned it before I left, guess not.) and went to bed before 10pm. I had such grand plans for today, but I woke up at 4pm instead, haha. I think it’s the jetlag. My 4pm is a 10am in NYC.

I still feel very tired though, kind of forced myself to have dinner at eight since I want to get ride of my old time habits. Even though I had 18 hours of sleep I still feel very tired, and I have a really bad headache, so I might go back to bed soon.

Good night kiddos!


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