Hi guys, I’m on my way back home towards Sweden as we speak. Do I need to say that I’m excited to see all of my friends and family, who I haven’t seen for more than 6 months now?

I made a short video that should keep you entertained while I’m traveling for 16 hours and later try to get ride of my jetlag. I hope you guys like it.

New York from Liisa Toomus on Vimeo.
After my 6 months in Boston I had the chance to stay in New York for a while. When I arrived at my relatives house my new camera was waiting for me in a brown cardboard box. Is there any city that could be better than New York for trying out a new camera in? The answer is most likely no.

So cheers to the city
where I learned that the best street art is in Brooklyn, that “I want to go out for a dinner, my shift ends at six”- is not just a polite conversation if its held with a cute boy and that “I’m booked” is the stupidest of answers. 29th street until a third of central park is about 6 miles & 6 miles under one hour is in fact very do-able, and unlike London, China Town is very cool at night. And the italians with the strongest italian accent most likely are not real italians, but such thing does not matter in little Italy.

Cheers to the biggest melting pot in the world
where within one hour every language you know will be spoken and every type of gourmet can be found on the smallest of streets in the biggest city. Cheers to the city where the sixteen year old me turned seventeen with friends and workers singing their lungs out on top of the Empire state, and cheers to the ‘concrete jungle’ that ‘dreams are made of’.

Cheers to the city that I never fell in love with,
but that slowly started growing on me as I was about to wave goodbye. Cheers to New York- The city that never sleeps.


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