Hi guys! Thought I’d show you what it looks like when someone who has been traveling around Europe before they even could walk is packing their bag! BYE USA! - New YorkBYE USA! - New YorkBYE USA! - New York
Just thought I’d include how ‘GO BOSTON’ I look after spending 6 months in the city before starting the post. HI MOM AND DAD. BYE USA! - New York
This is my suitcase half full. arghh

And I think I lost the second half of my charger somewhere in that big mess. I’m not sure in which bag it’s in. Screw laptops though, it’s just a 16 hour long flight- I got books to read and I think I’ll fall asleep the minute I board (if not earlier). That’s how tired I am right now.BYE USA! - New York
Then I got my second check in bag (the green one). I literarily had to climb on top of it and make sure that everything that was inside was as squeezed and tiny as possible, haha. Its more full now, by far. And in the backgrund is my backpack that I’m going to have as my carry on, AND next to it is the new camera in its bag AND a huge camera stand as well that I got to bring home. haha, oh boy,  help.

I was thinking before something like: “I really hope they don’t make a ‘random security check’ on my bags because they’re so heavy“. Then my second thought was “OMG. I really hope they won’t make a security check on them- they’re so stuffed with things that it all would literarily explode if they’d open it” haha. BYE USA! - New York
But hey, the last time I had about 100 pounds but got away with it (with the exception that I had to pay for a extra bag, but I would had done it anyways since I brought two bags (suitcase + the hiking bag for Bhutan).

Haha, the only difference is that the last time I was allowed 24kg/bag, and now it’s 20kg/bag. That worries me a bit.

Oh well, I quote myself when leaving Argentina “The only time you’ll see my crying is when [.. honestly can’t remember what I said..] and when I’m checking in my bags at the airport.”


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