Hi guys,
I’m in New York right now, I will be staying here for about one more week.

There might be a lot of blogging since all I’m planning to do is to take it chill this week and explore.

A small footnote: I don’t think I ever will be able to express my feelings about how happy I am to have a huge bedroom and bathroom all by myself- after compromising about showers and lights in a small shoebox with three other girls for six months. HA. So. Happy. :D (I still love you guys a lot, don’t take it the wrong way)

Haha, I’m just a bit worried about how I’m going to bring back home the approximate 50 kg that I have. Oh well, I’ll take that when it comes. The airlines can be really nice about it sometimes. I’m always such a mess when traveling though. Always carrying around on millions of bags and constantly worrying about my passport getting lost, and today I was running around in all the different terminals with my Global Studies teacher who was dropping me off, and all of the sudden he says “Are you bleeding?”. Somehow I had managed to get a ‘small’ scratch on my arm that escalated and covered a fourth of my arm in blood literarily thirty seconds before checking my bag in. Haha, great. I guess a childhood full of airports and all of that jazz didn’t really help me at all after all #messytravler



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