Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York!

New York
As you all might have read, I went to NYC during the mid of May (and for those who didn’t know, I’ll be returning to the so called “concrete city where dreams are made of”, next Monday!).
New York
And I thought that I would just create a small blogpost, sharing my experiences with you. Above is a photo from a flea market on 20th st, going up on 5th or 6th avenue. New YorkNew York
This market had so many interesting old things, and I think it took us a long while to walk down the market, because it was so interesting, and it was one of those markets where you simply had to stop to look at everything you could see.
New York
I thought that this little guy was cute. New York
As I said before this was a very ‘short’ market, but I’ve never seen as many lemonade stands during such a short period of time. New YorkNew York
Since lemonade really isn’t my ‘cup of tea’ I didn’t get any, but I got some crepes and so did my friends. New YorkNew York
This guy made them- he was pretty cool and had moved to NYC a few years ago from ‘Africa’, and when we asked him from ‘where in Africa’ he started explaining since he didn’t think we’d know, and then we explained to him where New Zealand is (where Bailey is from). Anyhow, the crepes were magical. New YorkNew York
New York truly is a melting pot of cultures, and I don’t know how many different cultures and countries that were represented food vise (and through market salers) on this market. My friend Melissa (who is a ‘proud Mexican’, as she might say) always manages to find mexicans everywhere and start a conversation with them, just as she is in this photo (right corner).
New YorkNew York
The last two photos are from the market area. New York is such a great city. New York
This photo is very descriptive of how different the people at the market can be, which is interesting. I find that back in Europe there’s more of a ‘stereotype’ when it comes to chilling at markets. New YorkNew York
1. First photo is of Meli and Bailey looking at things
2. The second photo is of someone who bought a really good looking box.New York
On another day we were a bunch of lovely people who decided to look for vintage shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. New York
What we discovered was that they had tons, and they all we’re equally great. I was a bit sad though that we came when a lot of them were already closed, however, the ones that we went to were great.

I actually got a jacket in the store on the photo above. I think that it was around 20 dollars or less, and it’s so pretty and warm. (New York was very cold compared to Boston, so I didn’t bring a jacket with me.) New York
I came to the conclusion that some of the best stores are in Brooklyn, and that I need to come back when the stores are open again.New York
Beautiful Fatima in the doorway to a vintage shop (I love this photo so much!).
New YorkA clothes rack in Williamsburg. To be honest most stores didn’t allow photography inside, so therefore I took a lot of sneaky shoots through the windows for you guys, haha.New York
And this is how I’m going to end my blogpost. I still have lots to do and see during my last two days in Boston (did a lot of great things today), so while I’m free from schoolwork and have this much going on; expect a lot of quality blogging!

And yes, expect there to be a lot of New York posts in the future :)


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