Hi guys!
I didn’t have time to blog last week, so here’s my first blogpost as a 17 year old! Boston - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
This is how I got woken up! Pink fluff, a million ballons *not in this picture*, confetti rain *not in this picture* and cupcakes and presents from rommies and friends! THANK YOU SHAME-IS, and everyone else! :)New York - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
We didn’t really spend a lot of time in our building, instead we went to the train station and took a train from Boston to the city that never sleeps.
New York - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
It was a bit rainy, but NYC still gave off a very good first impression, and I liked it.
New York - 11th May/ 17th BirthdayThe happy and excited birthday kid taking the subway for the first time as a 17 year old. New York - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
My Advisory and I walked around in New York, and we walked all the way to Chelsea pier and meat packing district, and then back to the Empire state.
New York - 11th May/ 17th BirthdayAnd we went to the 84th floor of the Empire State to see New York. New York - 11th May/ 17th BirthdayIt was really nice, I think about 2/3rds of our school came, and I felt as happy as one could be on the top of the Empire State Building on their birthday together with most of their friends (shout out to my friends in Sweden: I miss you guys, ALOT!). And ohh, I had to wear that purple birthday crown as well that Summer gave me. Haha,  I had about a million strangers saying happy birthday and singing, and I don’t even know the amount of times that my friends were kind of forced to start singing ‘happy birthday’ because some worker on a different floor of the Empire state started singing. I started feeling a bit bad after a while, haha, but just a bit. New York - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
Manhattan and Central Park. We lived about 30 blocks away from here, so I would sometimes go out running during the mornings to Central Park and back, which was nice. And by the way: I accomplished my goal of 10 kilometers (6 miles) under 1 hour in NYC! FINALLY!New York - 11th May/ 17th Birthday
And about 7 o’clock the sky turned pink, and we saw the most beautiful sunset over New York, and then we went for Korean food.

A pretty damn good birthday, I’d say.


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