Boston marathon 2013

Hi. I am okay.

Boston- Boston Marathon 2013
PRAY FOR BOSTONHi guys. I was going to make a cheerful post about today’s marathon in Boston and what I did, but however, I feel as if it’d be more appropriate to tell the remaining part of my family of circle of friends at home, and around the world, that I haven’t spoken to yet, that I am okay.

I’m not sure about how up to date all of you guys are, but today there were two bombs that exploded in central Boston- very very close to where I live. Two people, as far as I know right now, have died. Sadly one of them was only eight, and I can only apologize for this.

Luckily, none of my classmates or teacher were hurt, which I am very thankful about. We were looking at the marathon, but further away. I think it’s just starting to sink in how bad this is, since when I was on my way home through Boston all I could keep thinking was “people here are silly, this happens everyday out in the world.”

However, the sound of helicopters and police cars and ambulances -that was the only thing you could hear from outside of our window for many hours- is now gone. I’m not sure about what’s going to happen tomorrow morning, since things in Boston may be closed -such as shops, trains, school- so therefore we’ll see. I’m not even sure how 50 members of our school are getting dinner tonight. Someone told us that our street/are might be in a risk area for another bomb, but I’m not feeling very worried about that right now.

I will be posting a  more cheerful blogpost about today’s marathon -but just not today. I don’t want to memorize the day in this way.
I love you family & friends at home!


2 thoughts on “Boston marathon 2013

  1. Hej Lisa,Skönt att veta att du är OK. Vi blev en aning oroliga igår när vi såg händelsen i Boston på tv. Malin messade dig med en gång. Vilken jättefin blog du har. Ha det riktigt gott och var försiktig. KRAAAAMBirgitta

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