Yesterday I went to the CN tower in Toronto. Here’s some photos from that trip! Toronto, Canada- CN tower
I thought this sign on the way there from the parking lot was pretty cute. Toronto, Canada- CN towerI like the view. And a random person’s finger in my photo. Toronto, Canada- CN tower
The weather was pretty much changing every second. Toronto, Canada- CN towerToronto. Toronto, Canada- CN towerToronto, Canada- CN towerToronto, Canada- CN tower
Oh gosh, so pretty. Toronto, Canada- CN tower You’re usually allowed outside to take photos, but Toronto decided to be really windy today, so it was close because of safety reasons. You wouldn’t want anyone to blow away from the CN tower, would you? Toronto, Canada- CN tower .. so here’s with other words where we didn’t go. Toronto, Canada- CN tower They a cute restaurant up there. Toronto, Canada- CN tower
We had apple and pear crumb pie. It was really good… Toronto, Canada- CN tower …. and besides, the view was more than great. Toronto, Canada- CN tower
And well, I kind of forgot to take photos of the ACTUAL tower (I know I know, I can be a pretty bad blogger sometimes).. but uhmm, well, this is how the shadow looked. Toronto, Canada- CN tower


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