Nemo nemo nemo

Hi, Nemo is currently killing me.
I just found out that our trip to Washington DC has been canceled. This really sucks, everyone and I was more than excited about this and getting a week of from school, so I think I’m just gonna hang out inside today, but maybe I shouldn’t state that since every time I do that I tend to go out anyway.
 Here’s some photos from yesterday.Boston - Nemo
The view from our window. Or, the view that wasn’t 100% covered with snow will say. Boston - Nemo
Stairs and streets covered in snow in the morning. Boston - Nemo
Liam should have the award for the prettiest snowman. Boston - Nemo
We had ‘presidential speeches’ in our school yesterday, so the kids who were running for student counsel were debating for a hour and a half. Later some of us had some B&J to celebrate that it was over. Boston - Nemo
I felt artsy this morning. I found a Estonian band called ‘Ewert and the two dragons’ that I can’t stop listen to.

Have a nice Saturday,
I hope Nemo didn’t kill your plans.


One thought on “Nemo nemo nemo

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