One of the kids that smell like Bhutan and adventure.

bhutan & boston
hey y’all! I’ve been a lousy blogger this year, and I’m sorry. I meant to send you this blogpost two weeks ago, telling you sweethearts that I’ll be gone in Bhutan without wifi for about two weeks, but my wifi happened to crash at home a few days just before leaving, so here we are now.
I had a amazing time, I got a lot of nice blog material to show you and I’ll probably end up making a short video about it, cause I was lucky enough to borrow the school’s 5D II for the entire trip (thanks Linds!).

Okey, so that’s all. Now I’ll just have to spend some more hours at this airport, waiting for my flight to take me to the states (yiha) and then I’ll end up in Boston in about tomorrow. Or yesterday for me. Not quite sure, apparently we’re time traveling. And I’m to tired for making sense right now, sleeping on planes isn’t quite my thing kids, so don’t take me to seriously right now.

Lots of love,
one of the kids that smell like adventure and Bhutan (cause we haven’t really accessed a shower for the past few days, don’t worry though, I sprayed on tons of free perfume in the duty free.)
See y’all in Boston!


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