Hej! Igår gick vi och såg Argentina spela med New Zealand i rugby! Det var .. intense.
Yesterday we went to watch rugby, Argentina vs New Zealand. It was.. intense.Buenos Aires - rugbyJag, Sydney och Cami.
Me, Sydney and Cami.Buenos Aires
Fatima! Så himla söt som alltid.
Fatima! Cute as always.
Buenos Aires - RugbyTaggade klasskamrater!
Excited classmates!
Buenos Aires - rugbyBiljetten! The ticket!Buenos Aires - rugbyBuenos Aires - rugbyMest taggade på att vinna var australierna. Buenos Aires - RugbyBuenos Aires - RugbyBuenos Aires - Rugby
Buenos Aires - rugby
Galen stämning!
Buenos Aires - RugbyBuenos Aires - Rugby
Folk hejade på Argentina!
People cheered for Argentina!
Buenos Aires - Rugby
En random hund gick runt omkring i stadion.
A random dog walked around in the stadium.
Buenos Aires - Rugby
Taggad britt!
Jo was excited!
Buenos Aires - Rugby
Buenos Aires - rugbyCrack-face! 
Buenos Aires - rugby
Yodsel och Gawa!
Yodsel and Gawa!
Buenos Aires - rugbyBuenos Aires - rugbyBuenos Aires - rugby
Buenos Aires - rugby
Ms & Mr C.
Ms & Mr C.
Buenos Aires - rugbyVisste inte att Gawa tog den här bilden på sig, haha. 
I didn’t even know that Gawa took this photo of herself with my camera.. haha.Buenos Aires - rugby
Hannah hade målat halva sitt ansikte svart!
Hannah had painted half of her face black!Buenos Aires - rugby
Cash hade också målat sitt ansikte!
Cash also had painted his face!Buenos Aires - rugby
Och sen var det slut! Och vi (New Zealand) vann!
.. And then it was over! And we (New Zealand) won!Buenos Aires - Rugby
.. görgo kväll!
A very nice evening.


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