My window board. I actually have a lot of randome stuff on, wine bottles with candles in and flowers, jewellery and stones. 
This is my char and a randome pile with fluffy things. I throw most of my clothes there, but sometimes I actually use them for sitting – as they should be used.
This is my clothing rack and shelf. In my shelf I store alot of books and magazines, aswell on the floor. And the wifi is in my room, so it’s seen aswell. And trust me, the clothing rack has fallen many times because of the weight.. Not good.
I bought this dress in oxford for around 25 pounds, I haven’t used it yet.. Otherwise I thought it would be great with a ticker cardigan towards fall. :) And in the backround is my moadboard, it’s mostly fashion spreeds and picture’s from weheartit & tumblr on. I thought it would be great to look at in the mornings for inspiration, but do you think I even have time to glare at it in the rush I’m usually in?
Oh yes, I miss you england!
This is the actual reason to this post! I just wanted to say what I really love about summer, bare legs & shorts. So damn chill. I’m actually wearing a pair right now, but it’s my snoppy pyama shorts from primark haha. I love all of the shorts above, and I just realised most of them are from this year, somewhere I have even more shorts stored – crazyyy.
Now: time for tea.

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